8 Gutter Cleaning Tips for the people of Ontario

While looking for a house, always check whether it is maintaining a proper gutter system or not, and if you are already a homeowner, do not take gutters for granted. Gutter installments are essential for cleanliness and proper drainage system. If we talk about their importance, they play a dominant role in keeping sewerage and snowmelt water away from your foundation, walls, interior, and roofs. You can’t keep proper sanitation without keeping your gutters functional.

Moreover, blocked gutters can lead to diseases, mosquitoes, and different types of pests, etc.

If you think of getting your gutter cleaned, fortunately, it is not a challenging task to perform, but cleaning those clogged gutters without getting hurt is a matter of concern. We often heard of many cases related to accidents occurring during gutter cleaning, which is alarming. Perhaps it is not an easy job, but also not that difficult due to which accidents can occur. If one is fully educated and equipped about doing things, such accidents could be avoided. Here are some gutter cleaning tips for Ontario.

What is the best time to clean your gutter?

Most of the professionals have been advised to clean gutters once a year. When gutters are filled with sticks, leaves, polythene bags, and other debris, it can clog your gutter and make it overflow from your roofs, causing harm to your walls and foundations. Especially during winter, ice dams can be buildup, so it is vital to look out for gutter cleaning during fall. Also, amidst of big storm, clogged gutters can cause a big problem, if you live in a bushy place, with long trees.

Tips to get your clogged gutter cleaned.

Collect all the materials

Collect all the required materials you will need during a safe cleaning. Here is a list of supplies you must need to gather for a proper cleaning without getting into trouble.

  • Ladder for reaching the gutter. Use a strong ladder, which can bear the weight of you and other supplies.
  • Gloves, wear suitable gloves to protect your hands from any dirt and debris. It will also save you from any cuts or hand injuries.
  • Eyewear, protective eye wears are necessary. Once you entered the place, you never know what will come next. Wasps, bees and other insects are common leaving the place once they had a sensation of someone entering.
  • Rubber shoes, rubber or leather shoes are essential for walking on the roof to get the debris cleaned, as they help to stick on the floor, preventing slipping.
  • Bucket, take buckets with you to fill it with any debris, or also, if you need a water bucket to give it a splash.
  • Garden hose. They are very much helpful in adjusting those tiny pipes and maintain water pressure inside the pipe.

Clean your roof first

Before heading towards the main issue, you need to check and clean your roof, check out for leaves, sticks, and dead animals, sweep away any dirt clogging the way. Or else, the next rain will sweep away all the debris into the gutter and making it a clog again.

Unclogging the downspouts

Check your ladder pipe (downspouts), and it should be cleaned. After clearing all kind of dirt and debris, splash a whole wave of water into the downspouts, if the water bounce back, it means some clog is still there. For this, the whole downspout and back need to be separated and flushed out from top to bottom. The water will take away any remaining clog along itself.

Power line threat

Make sure your electrical cables are safe while conducting a gutter cleaning. When cleaning gutters near a power line, you need to be extra careful to avoid any mishaps. Especially during the monsoon season, never try to clean your gutter without checking the wear or tear of wires. Do not try to repair it, call some professional electrician, who can manage it. Even if it is not raining, checking the cables would be a good idea before cleaning gutters.

Use gutter guards

Invest your money on durable gutter guards. Gutter guards can guard debris making its way into the gutter. It works as a filter, and it will filter off big particles preventing them from going down and clog your gutters. Use a gutter guard made up of steel or aluminum for better work. Gutter guards will give you relief from the need to clean your gutter every year. Make sure your gutter guard is able enough to keep leaves and other materials away.

Take help from professional services

There are many gutter cleaning services in Brampton, easily approachable by people. If you are having any difficulty doing the job, let the workers do their job. Small clogged are indeed cleanable, and the issue comes when there is a significant blockage problem. Contact any company, which can resolve your issue.

Inspect your gutter after every cleanup

Look out for any damage or crack which might be caused during the cleanup session. Ensure the downspout and other pipes are still appropriately attached to the walls, and there is no chance of any leakage left behind.

Use splash block for safe drainage

Splash block, block any muddy water to get drained inside your foundation or walls. During rain, the water can run down the downspout, directly coming in contact with your walls, staining it with obstinate stains which are hard to remove.


Having proper knowledge of cleaning the gutter would make it much easier for anyone to clean their gutters without professional help. Clogged gutters can give birth to big problems, diseases topping the list, water spillage, and erosion, which is another matter of concern. Moreover, no one will like filthy, smelly water to run down their houses, polluting the environment. Make sure to follow all the above gutter cleaning tips to maintain a hygienic atmosphere. Along with gutter services we also provide residential window cleaning services in Markham & Brampton.