Eavestrough/Gutter Cleaning


Let’s be honest, eavestrough gutter cleaning is no one’s favorite chore. So instead of doing it yourself, leave the hassle to us and let us do it for you!

It is very easy for water, leaves, tree branches, and other natural gutter cloggers to build up in your house gutters. And the last thing you want is for them to get clogged and cause a potential leak. A good gutter cleaning once or twice a year will keep your gutters in good health and condition, so call us for eavestrough gutter cleaning services today!

Gutters are an essential component of the roofing structure across Canada, primarily due to the harsh winters leaving behind a substantial volume of ice to melt when spring arrives. To negate the effects of melting snow and possible water damages, gutters are added. While these gutters help keep the roof dry by optimizing water flow, they can become quite dirty and clogged up driving the need for eavestrough gutter cleaning services in Mississauga and Greater Toronto Area. At Shiners we are quite familiar with this structure, its function, and the seasonal need for a thorough clean.

If you are someone who is just moving into a home, you need to understand the features on the property and how these need to be maintained for optimum benefits. Roof gutters and eaves troughs are a part of such fixtures.


Eavestroughs are narrow bowl-like structures that run alongside the roof on most Canadian homes offering a solution to water collection from the roof as a result of rain or melting snow. These then drain into spouts and reduce water retention across the parameter of the roof.

There are a few different kinds of eavestroughs that we come across when delivering gutter cleaning services in MarkhamThe most common ones are

  • K-style: flat backs and bottoms
  • Half-round: semi-circle or rounded shapes
  • Leaf barrier: hood with a curved lip that draws water into a narrow opening

These are also available in different types of materials and have to be maintained accordingly. Regular cleaning also acts as a maintenance mechanism for the roof itself.



Roof cleaning and home maintenance fall to the homeowner each time spring turn to fall or the winter snow starts to melt. There may be a list of chores that you have to get through, and we at Shiners can take on the eave trough gutter cleaning services in Richmond Hill for you.

It is better to be proactive and prevent the need for costly repairs and replacements. Besides this, you should consider a few other reasons to invest in professional gutter cleaning work.


Water damage is one of the leading causes of structural damage and the formation of organic growths along with property. If the eavestroughs and gutters are filled with debris and leaves, the water will overflow and seep into the walls.

Regular gutter cleaning ensures that the pathways for the water are clear and that excess water drains correctly.


Roofing is often made of highly durable materials that require manageable maintenance. However, with consistent neglect, the roof can develop cracks and other unsightly problems that cause serious damages leading to expensive repairs.

When delivering eavestroughs gutter cleaning services in Vaughan we ensure that the gutters and eavestroughs are cleaned out thoroughly and check if there are any cracks in the drains to prevent roof damage. Clogged-up gutters tend to be a gateway when it comes to extensive roof damages.


Pests are extremely difficult to deal with especially if they find their way in. Gutters that are filled with soggy leaves, grime and algae often attract insects, rodents, flies, and anything that can crawl in. Regular gutter cleaning services in Brampton will eradicate an attractive habitat from forming and keep the gutters free for smooth drainage.

Regular cleaning also prevents algae and mold from forming keeping insects from making the eavestrough around the roof of their home.


At Shiners we prefer to put in the effort needed to reduce costs and improve the quality of our services. This ensures that our eavestroughs gutter cleaning services in Mississauga never seem like an expensive ordeal and that it is easier for our customers to hire us on the regular. However, if you still want to weigh the pros and cons of hiring professional cleaners, the answer is simple: long-term expense. Maintaining your home including cleaning the roof and eavestroughs ensures that no permanent structural damages are leading to reduced expenses.

In addition to this, or one-time cleaning work is enough to get the gutters completely unclogged and clean as opposed to cleaning out the gutters and not getting the result you need.

When delivering eavestroughs gutter cleaning services in Richmond Hill we bring all necessary cleaning equipment with us and you don’t have to spend a penny above the agreed price which is completely transparent in our case.


We pride ourselves on being careful. Whether your gutters have been neglected for over a year or the ice is melting causing serious overflow we have the solutions you need to restore your home’s curb appeal and prevent water from running alongside spouts causing the growth of unsightly substances.