Complete Window Cleaning

What is the significance of window cleaning?

Regular window cleaning is crucial to the curb appeal of your home and its maintenance. Professionally cleaned windows ensure that natural light passes through unobstructed and that all contaminants and staining agents are removed from the glass effectively. Our Window Cleaning services in Vaughan and other locations target the health of the entire window and guarantee impeccably cleaned installments all over your property.

Whether it is for your home or your commercial space, window cleaning is an essential process that leads to longevity and better maintenance for the windows.

What type of window cleaning in Mississauga do we offer?

Window cleaning is an essential element when it comes to staging your home before putting it n the market. When living in it booking a window cleaning every six to twelve months proves useful and for a business, it is recommended that you get it done more frequently.

For commercial window cleaning, it is far more necessary to keep the place looking presentable as customers, business partners, and visitors in general associate your company’s professional image with its physical one. since commercial properties have to be presentable for more reasons than the aesthetic appeal, it is useful to invest in upkeep more often.

In terms of window cleaning services across Canada, this is what our team can do for you

Internal and external cleaning

Window cleaning isn’t limited to cleaning out the exteriors to improve curb appeal. We offer complete window cleaning in Markham which addresses internal and external dirt over your windows. Regular window cleaning without professional equipment will not bear the same results as our work.

We make sure to inspect both the inner face and external parts of the window before dusting it off and then proceeding with cleaning processes.

Pressure washing

This is one of the many processes we employ to ensure the windows are thoroughly cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals and scrubbing procedures. We lather up the windows with quality soaps and window washers and then use pressure cleaning to remove, grime, mold, mildew stains, and anything else that clings to the window.

Our window cleaning in Brampton entails customized cleaning processes that are meant to remove and clean out anything making your windows dirty.

Construction cleaning

Construction cleaning is a necessity especially when there is a timeline involved. If you have to open the property for use and need the debris and dust from the construction removed from glass surfaces on your building you can get in touch with us.

Our window cleaning in Richmond hill covers construction site work and our crew is trained to work with the aftermath of building processes. If you plan to hire us during the finishing stages of the construction you can rely on us to arrive on location with a fully trained crew and a supervisor to make sure all safety processes are in place.


Flyscreens are a crucial part of many homes and commercial spaces. Our experts can get the screen cleaned up regularly for better use.

Track cleaning for the windows

Window tracks are an essential part of the mechanism and clogged up tracks with dust dirt and dead insects obstruct the entire function. At shiners  we are qualified to remove any dirt. Dust and rust from the tracks for your windows for a seamless operation. Window cleaning in Markham covers a range of work relating to windows and this includes drawing out dirt from tracks and making sure they remain useable.

Specialized equipment

We guarantee a thorough cleaning for high-rise buildings and commercial properties that cover extensive property and have large windows that cover most surfaces. Our team has the ladders, vehicles, elevators, and harnesses to ensure that all of the windows on the property are cleaned inside out and that our crew remains safe while completing their work.

For a swift and professional cleaning, we use abseiling tools, polls, high ladders, and everything in between. You can expect us to complete the window cleaning in Vaughan on time using the best tools in the industry and our cleaning processes.

How do we make the experience better?

Shiner’s is a company that has been built on the principles of extraordinary customer care and we prioritize our customer’s opinions and expectations above all else. We add more value to the whole process by employing practices that follow strict industry standards and uphold our commitment to our commercial and residential customers.

Reach and wash system

We use the reach and wash system which targets and eliminates all types of stains, sticky elements, and contaminants off your windows while improving their overall life span. Our window cleaning in Richmond hill as well as other greater Toronto areas has been using the reach and wash system since its introduction and always delivers impeccable results.

Additional service

Besides offering window cleaning services we cover gutter and eavestrough cleaning if that is what you need. If your roof gutter is clogged and needs a deep clean for better function, we are the people to call.


All our services including window cleaning in Richmond hill are all priced amicably and according to average industry costs but with far superior quality of service. We do not compromise on quality and make sure to remain cost-conscious while delivering all our services.

Licensed and insured

We make sure that our crew members are fully insured to give you the peace of mind you need to decide whether to hire us. since window cleaning can get quite hazardous especially at heights, we make sure that we follow safety processes and cover all our bases. However, if an unlikely event were to occur, we have everything covered to ensure that our customers do not face any inconvenience.

You can get in touch with us to get estimates for our window cleaning in Mississauga as well as discuss license and insurance with us.