Residential Window Cleaning


Impeccably spotless windows are a good look for your home. add to the curb appeal by using our online booking tool our crew for assistance.

Residential Window cleaning in homes is bound to take a back seat especially if you live at a location that sees little dust and no harsh weather. However, there is a lot more to maintaining the health of your home than just cleaning up the indoors. Windows and doors are just as crucial to the cleanliness and longevity of the structure as keeping the roof clean. To get the most out of the accents and fixtures on your home you may want to consider professional residential window cleaning in Mississauga.

Shiners has been doing this for several years and we are capable of handling the most neglected of windows with uttermost care. If you are still contemplating the significance of hiring a professional service for residential window cleaning in Markhamyou can consider the following benefits


Windows are generally laced quite high up the building and cleaning them properly requires you to remain at a certain height for some time. Shiners can deliver visibly clean windows without putting you in harm’s way. There have been several incidents in Greater Toronto recording serious injuries due to unqualified equipment for residential window cleaning and zero training.

Our crew is both trained to deliver residential window cleaning in Brampton and equipped with the right tools and safety measures to prevent any accidents while keeping your home clean and fresh.


Sunlight plays a vital role in keeping the space lit up without adding to energy consumption. Not to mention its health benefits for the human body. Obstructed light from dusty and grime-laden windows will not only affect how much energy is consumed but also affect the overall environment negatively. Not being able to reach high up to clean a major window or sunlight or not having the right cleaning tools and soaps on hand can lead to more damages than profit. Shiner’s can help you maintain a steady stream of natural light by leaving the glass spotless and stain-free.

Unless you have an opaque design on the windows, the best residential window cleaning in Vaughan leaves the glass completely transparent.


It is quite common to believe that cleaning your home’s windows by yourself is economically sound as compared to hiring professionals for the job. This isn’t the case for our services. At Shiners you will find quality cleaning services at extremely amicable prices and we do not overcharge.

We make sure that the customer gets a better rate of return on their investment while we take care of the cleaning tools, equipment, and supplies. With our crew managing the residential window cleaning in Richmond Hill for you, you don’t have to worry about a thing or add expenses such as cleaning supplies, ladders, and more to the bill. No matter how tough the staining is or what the material of the window we will use the appropriate cleaning solutions for maximum benefit and zero damages.


Residential Window cleaning is often a part of deep cleaning plans and you have to dedicate an entire day just to clean the windows on your own. Not to mention the added time you spend finding the right tools and equipment for the job. All this can be avoided by investing in residential window cleaning in Vaughan completed in decided time by our crew of expert cleaners.

Our cleaners are familiar with all kinds of windows and the challenges that come with the territory making our service delivery both efficient and effective.


Shiners does not compromise on the use of quality products and impeccable service. Our quality residential window cleaning in Brampton and other locations comes from the work we put in before the service even begins. We first inspect the windows, the window panes and the opening and closing handles to determine the extent of cleaning that will be needed to get the glass transparent looking again.

In the case of tempered glasses or painted windows, we will use the safest cleaning materials to ensure there is no damage to the windows. We make it a point to ensure that you see a visible difference in the before and after. Our work is guaranteed due to the products we use and the techniques we apply to get results.


Regular cleaning delivered by our crew can also contribute to an extended life span for your home windows. You can book a routine residential window cleaning in Vaughan to ensure the windows remain spot-free throughout the year.

You can get in touch with our crew over the phone or get a quote from our website for your home today!