8 Easy Gutter Cleaning Tips for A Peaceful Winter Season

When the winter starts to kick in, it is a time where you can experience many gutter outbreaks that can make your life miserable. These gutter issues can start from clogged-up gutters that are inviting for pests to many other issues. In worse cases, the gutter issues can lead to cracking of walls and foundation of your building which can cost you thousands of dollars.

So, it is clear that these issues cannot be ignored and you have to take precautionary measures before these damages happen. Plus, what to do if you are already experiencing them?

In this blog, you will get some tips on how to clean your gutters plus future maintenance strategies.

Cleaning Is the Best Exercise to Maintain Your Gutters

Cleaning, for sure takes good care of your gutters. You should clean them at least twice a year If you are looking to maintain them to prevent any sort of outbreak.

Cleaning Tips For Maintaining Your Gutter

1. Use Special Tools

Cleaning your gutters would be easy if you have the right tools and know how to use them. For instance, there are normal pipes you can use, but for better quality clean, you can use a pressure washer and attachments. It will remove the dirt and debris that might be stubborn and is also good for cleaning organic build-up.

Here’s A List Of A Few Tools That Will Improve The Quality

  1. Pressure washer
  2. Hand towel
  3. Ladder
  4. A waste bag
  5. Cleaning solution
  6. Waste bag (recyclable)
  7. Hand brush and a hard broom

2. Start By Hands

First and foremost, make sure you clean the decomposing leaves, small plants, moss, and branches by using your hands. This whole build-up looks ugly and contagious, so make sure you use proper hand gloves to prevent any infection or other damages to your hand.

3. Clean Your Roof

Cleaning your roof is the best option to maintain your gutters because this is a place where snow falls directly. This snow can catch a lot of debris and this debris can fall directly into your gutters when it melts. To clean it up, you need to have a hard broom or blower that will remove the loose debris. Also, if you have any moss, use a brush to clean it so that it doesn’t fall into your gutter.

4.  Use A Good Cleaning Solution

If you want to lose up the stubborn or tough deposits, use a good cleaning solution to form a lubricating effect. In this way, you can easily clean it or if it is still not getting off, use the pressure washer for a better and deep clean.

5. Don’t Ignore The Downpipes

Downpipes are the most important part that takes your rainwater towards the drain. If your downpipes are blocked, you are more likely to see water spilling over the edges and it can cause many damages to your property.

To prevent it, you need to clean the downpipes by using a blower. It will make your gutters 100% more efficient.

6. Cover Your Gutters Properly

Gutter guards are more likely to move away during heavy rain or snow. These clips on top prevent the dirt or debris to fall inside the gutter which causes blockages. Make sure to fix them so they can filter out any dirt or debris.

7. Protect Your Guttering

There are special types of paints that protect your gutters from rust. Using them would be a great option to enhance the lifespan of your gutters and making them more functional.

8. Regular Maintenance Is The Key

Maintaining your gutters regularly means cleaning them every once in a while, and checking if there are any loose ends you need to tight. This prevents many gutter issues especially for the places like Ontario where you can expect harsh weather.

What If Your Gutters Are Already Leaked or Damaged?

If your gutters are leaked and you know it just got out of your hands, call the experts. However, make sure to inspect the real issue beforehand because in most cases, you can fix them manually by using some tools. If you think you cannot do the job, call them and ask them about the issue you are facing. They will guide you on whether you should do it yourself or not.

In that case, if you need any help, feel free to reach Shiners and we will help you with your gutter issues or cleaning.