Common Gutter Issues in Ontario and How You Can Fix Them

Out of many things, gutter issues can make you stressed. And it is not a fun thing to solve them on your own.

These issues start from getting clogged gutters all the way to the leaking gutters. As a result, they make your place drizzly and smelly altogether.

The main purpose of these gutters is to collect the rainwater and transmit it through pipes all the way down safely. They do not let your property get damaged or anything.

Especially in the places like Ontario, where you can experience 135 or more rainfall days in a year, you have to keep your gutter perfect and working throughout the year. Otherwise, you can experience a lot of gutter issues.

Thus, before it gets too late, you have to take care of everything and make it work.

Here is a list of those issues and their ultimate solutions

Gutter Issues & How To Fix Them

Before we start talking about those issues, you should always remember there might be some phases where you have to get your gutter replaced. Especially when the leak is too much, or there are big damages.

Loose Gutters

One of the main issues that you might have is slack gutters. This is due to heavy rain that is blocked and causing it to sag due to loose screws. It also happens due to the excess stress on a particular part of the gutter, causing hardware failure. In the worse case, the whole gutter might collapse, so it is not something to ignore.

Other Reasons For Saggy Gutters

  1. Incorrect drainage
  2. Foundation rot and erosion.

The Solution

Literally, it is the easiest thing to do, and all you need is a screwdriver, ladder, and a few screws. Just place your ladder near the gutter hangers, add some more screws in the hanger and tight the existing screws and the new ones.


Storms are not rare in Ontario, leading to many gutter issues, including gutter leaks. It happens when heavy storms and wind hit the gutters. If ignored for a long time, a leaking gutter can slowly turn into a big mess, and it can erode the underlying support and foundation.

Well, you can estimate the cost to fix this mess.

Other Reasons For Leaks

  1. Foundation erosion
  2. Hardware failure.

What Is The Solution

It is also a simple thing, and doing it yourself would not be hard for you. You just need to get a small amount of plastic cement and fill the smaller holes to prevent leaks. However, for the larger holes, you can go for something else like flashing scraps and secure the holes from leakage with a putty knife.

1.     Blocked Gutters

When the rain stops, it leaves many things behind, like leaves and dirt particles, causing your gutters to block. This is something that also happens in each fall and spring. It will cause different drainage issues, leading gutters to overflow.

However, this also has the most common solution.


It is a dirty thing to do. However, you can easily do it with a few things wearing some gears. In this way, you can easily remove the clog and make it flow smoothly.

All you need is a ladder and a good pair of plastic gloves to remove the debris, leaves, and other things that are causing the clog. It will make the water flow easier and smoother. Also, you can use gutter guards to keep it safe from leaves and other dirt particles present in the storm.

2.     Gutter Impairment

Gutter impairment is also another thing that can also be a case of failure of the hardware or not enough maintenance. Also, different things can cause it to fail, such as clogging, corrosion, or heavy storms.


If we look at the solution, there are two things you can do. Either replace your gutters or get them repaired. Repairing is often a better option when it comes to saving some money, as replacing your gutters can cost you a lot.

All you need is good gutter repairers in Ontario that you can rely upon and make sure they provide the best services.

3.     Final Takeaways

Gutter problems can be stressful and cause you to lose your patience. In this way, it is always better to know a few techniques to prevent future issues.

Prevent Future Gutter Issues.

  1. Keep a check on leaks
  2. Look for sags and inclines
  3. Check for damages
  4. Clean your gutters

Furthermore, if you need a Gutter Cleaning service in Brampton, let Shiners help you with their professional staff clean gutters and stop its issues. So, feel free to reach out to us!